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Intermediate Archery

NOTE: The remaining sessions for the year have been cancelled. Depending on demand, we may re-open some sessions. In the mean time, ask about private coaching that is available at nearby shops.

Have you learned the basics of archery and are you ready for the next step? Want to improve your technique in order to shoot more consistently and raise your scores? Have you taken our Intro to Archery class, bought a bow, and now want to take to the next level? Redwood Bowmen is now offering Intermediate Archery classes.

Intermediate classes are for those archers who have learned the basics and are ready to start taking it a bit more seriously and learn the finer points. Classes are smaller than our introductory archery classes, with a select group of coaches. Smaller class size means a favorable student to coach ratio and more personalized attention. All scheduled sessions can accommodate the recurve shooting style. Compound bow instruction, both form and bow tuning, will also be available on a more limited basis.

We embrace a wide range of skill levels, and will provide the focused attention to take each student to the next level. We will assess your needs and match your curriculum to suit you.

About Our Coaches

Our coaches for the intermediate archery classes are selected for their own experience shooting and teaching. They regularly participate in tournaments and perform at a very high level. They have also demonstrated their ability to communicate their skills and wisdom to others in formal class settings as well as out in the archery community.


We expect that students who wish to sign up for this class:

  • Supply their own equipment, including appropriate bow, arrows, quiver, etc.,
  • are a Minimum 12 years old,
  • Know how to string/unstring their own bow (if applicable), and
  • Know the basics of shooting and shooting line etiquette.

How to Sign Up

Each class is 2 hours, and cost $50/student. To sign up, send an e-mail to Include in this e-mail:

  • Your name,
  • Your age (generalities are OK; for age requirements purposes only),
  • Equipment that you have (make/model of bow, bow specs, etc.),
  • Rough idea of your skill level,
  • and the date you want to attend.

We will respond with further instructions, including payment details and waivers. Refunds will be made available for cancellations up to 1 week before the class date.

Dates Available

These are the available dates, with remaining slots available:

 Date Time Slots
 - July 2017
 - October 2017

If the date you are interested in has no slots available, let us know anyhow and we can put you on a waiting list. More dates will be added to the table as they are scheduled. Up to 3 slots per session are available for compound bow instruction.