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WA Field Day

New in 2018, Redwood Bowmen has a World Archery rules field archery course. Ours is the first range in the San Francisco Bay Area with a permanent World Archery rules field archery course, and plans to put on shoots to use the course using WA target faces, metric distances, and WA rules.
The first such shoot is the WA Field Day, March 18th, 2018. For this shoot, we'll have individual and team competitions. The individual rounds will be held in the morning, then after a lunch break we'll have a mixed team round. The flyer for the event is here.

The individual competitions will be in compound, recurve, and barebow per World Archery equipment rules (Book 4 Chapter 22). Individuals will go around the course twice to make 24 marked targets. Youth, senior, master seniors, men and women all compete together. (We may amend that plan if there is higher than anticipated turnout.) The individual rounds should be finished in time for lunch at the club house.

After lunch, we will shoot a 12 target mixed team round. In this case, each team consists of one compound, one recurve, and one barebow archer. Each archer shoots one arrow from the appropriate stake, and the total of 3 arrows for the team are added up on the score card for the target. This round should go a bit faster then the individual round.

Awards and Beverages will be given out after the mixed team round. We will all unwind together around the fireplace, talk shop, and so on. A great time will be had by all.