We operate a 42-target range as well as a full practice range. The range is broken down into three 14-target NFAA courses: the Open course, the Lower course, and the Hill course. Each course has it's own unique feel. The Lower course takes you back and forth across a valley to the lowest point in our course at an elevation of 1,476 feet. Take a hike through the redwoods on the Hill trail where you'll shoot through trees and off cliffs as you summit Oakland's highest point at an elevation of 1,820 feet.

** Current Weather **

Each of our courses are marked for multiple yardages (brochure sized yardage listing here) so we can rotate Hunter, Field, and Animal targets between our three courses. (This is a list of target faces that are defined for each target of the course.) Rules for shooting for score are in our "How To Shoot The Course" page.

The Hill course may, alternatively, be set up for a World Archery (FITA) metric field round. The Redwood Bowmen Course Stakes WA FIELD flyer describes that course configuration. Follow our Facebook page for announcements for when we put on WA-Field shoots.

The range is adjacent to the Chabot Space and Science Center, so for a good idea of the weather before you come, see the
observatory weather station.

Club Range Records

These are the record-holders for club shoots. You have to be a club member when you set the record to get on the list.

 Style Men Women
 Freestyle Emerson Munkres 554 - 7/2014
 Myra Dudley 532 - 4/2005
 Freestyle Limited
 Cliff Keick 520 - 12/1996
 Nancy Martin 500 - 8/1994
 Bow Hunter Freestyle
 Kevin Hurtubise 543 - 6/2002
 Wendy Peterson 499 - 3/2014
 Bow Hunter Freestyle Limited
 Cliff Keick 518 - 7/2006
 Nancy Martin 498 - 5/1995
 Bow Hunter
 Ron Denesha 484 - 12/1995
 Joanne Greenbaum 419 - 12/1982
 Lee Loeser 506 - 9/1982
 Myra Dudley 442 - 12/1990
 Traditional Recurve
 Tom Palsa 453 - 4/2017
 Jie Lan - 303 - 12/2017
 Traditional Recurve - Short Stakes
  Amber Adams - 319 - 3/2017
 Freestyle Limited - Recurve
 Roy Bernal 499 - 7/2005
 Sue Jarocki 418 - 6/2005

Course Map

Here's a map of the entire range.