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Range Rules

Being on EBRP land, we are constrained by EBRP rules. Look for Section 403 of EBRP Ordinance 38. We also have our own rules that mostly track normal archery range rules and etiquette. Many of these rules are common sense.
  • NO HIGH DRAW - If you don't know what high-draw is, ask someone.
  • NO CROSS BOWS - See EBRP Section 403.
  • NO SPEARS, SLINGSHOTS, AIR PISTOLS, ETC. Only bows and arrows. - Section 403 again.
  • NO BROADHEADS IN OUR BALES - We have a dedicated broadhead pit that you may use, so long as you bring your own target.
  • NO SMOKING/NO VAPING - High fire danger area, and park rules.
  • USUAL RANGE SAFETY RULES APPLY - Use of "Clear", straddle the line while shooting, waiting behind the line until clear, etc. If you are not sure how range etiquette works, ask a club member, other archers, your archery instructor, or your local archery shop.
  • NO TEACHING/COACHING FOR HIRE - Get club approval for exceptions.