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Special Features of the Long Practice Area

The practice area is intended to be used in the normal fashion, with all archers standing straddling the shooting line to shoot. In other words, all the usual line safety rules apply. However, at the long practice area there are some complexities, including a walk up to the 80yd target and sight-in stakes that are off the regular line. The extra features of the long practice area are arranged in non-standard ways, so require some extra care and courtesy to use safely.

As a general rule, if you are using any of the special use off-line stakes, you need to be especially diligent and give way immediately to any standard uses of the range. You are where people don't expect you to be, so it is up to you to be extra vigilant, and to abandon your non-standard position when others arrive.

Hill Course Walkup Has Priority

First of all, the 80yd walkup is part of the hill course (it is Target 42) and archers shooting the hill have priority. Depending on how the hill course is configured (field/hunter/animal) there are colored stakes ahead of the line that are part of the course. Any archers shooting at the practice area should finish their end and offer the range to anyone wanting to shoot the walk-up stakes. Don't resume shooting until the group is done shooting, scoring, and moves clear.

Line Stakes are Next In Priority

If there are other archers in the long practice area shooting at stakes on the line, they have priority over any use of off-line stakes. Do NOT shoot from stakes in front of or behind the line while others are using stakes on the line. This includes the 40yd stakes. It may seem safe enough to be shooting from the 65yd stake (5 yards behind the 60yd stake) while another archer is way over there at the 40yd stake, but safe or not, it is poor form and we don't want to teach beginners who may be watching to be lax with safety rules.

If you are the only one at the long practice area, or the other archers in the practice area are shooting with you at the same stake, it is OK to use the 65yd stake. That's what it is for. But be especially aware of your surroundings. Be aware if people are approaching the line from the road or from the course. New arrivals get right-of-way. You are not on the marked line, so it is up to you to be extra aware of others who might not be aware of you.

Special Care at the 70yd Stake

There is a 70yd stake. This is 10 yards back from the regular line, so obviously you cannot use this stake while there is anyone at the regular line. In addition, at this point you are starting to encroach on the safety zone around the short practice lanes behind you. In particular, DO NOT USE the 70yd stake if there is anyone shooting at the 35yd bales behind you. It is up to you to be aware of what's going on around you, and to immediately abandon the 70yd stake if someone steps up to shoot at the 35yd bales, or at any of the other stakes at the long practice area line.

Since the 70yd stake is so far off the line, it is best to get your business done (set and test your sight marks, tune, whatever) and get back to the line. Please don't park at the 70yd stake.

No Parking at Metric Sight-in Stakes

The metric sight-in stakes (purple) in front of the 60yd bale are for getting and testing sight marks. This lane is also useful for walk-back tuning. This lane is NOT there for practicing shorter distances. These stakes are in front of the regular line, so you can only use them if there are no archers using the regular line. In addition, leave all your scopes, bow cases, tools and such back at the regular line. Again, since you are not at the regular line, it is up to you to be extra aware of people around you who might be arriving from the road or from the Hill course. If anyone arrives to shoot from the line, you must retreat back to the line.